As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has worked with many clients Dr. Mayo knows the power in words and how deep they cut. When she is not empowering individuals in the counseling session she is inspiring the world on social media.

Dr. Mayo uses her gift of provoking thought to raise mental health awareness at her book signing!

Dr. Mayo is the host of her online talk show "Talk with Saniyyah." She loves discussing topics that pushes individuals out of their comfort zone so that they can live a fulfilled life.

Dr. Mayo loves to use all of her gifts to provoke thought to change others behavior. When she is not empowering others through her words, she is up to something with her pen. Dr. Mayo uses her writing abilities to write short stories and screenplays to deliver her message in different forms.

"I believe if I use all my gifts to touch people it is more impactful. Someone may like to read, someone else may like to watch movies, another person may like to go to speaking engagements. If I utilize my skills in every form possible, more people can be reached."

Dr. Saniyyah Mayo